ADR Transports

ADR Transports

Agorianitis Transports PC company has more than thirty years of experience in the field of ADR Transports across Europe and within Greece and has undertaken some of the most demanding transport requests of dangerous and hazardous loads (ADR transports). Our company owns special equipped vehicles capable of transporting dangerous goods (ADR transports) to the highest safety standards.

Agorianitis ADR Transports Greece-Europe

With 30 years experience in the field of ADR Transports, we serve ADR transport requests from all related industries. More specifically, our company undertakes the transport of dangerous goods, flammable products, toxic- corrosive hazardous liquid or solid material subject in packaging or container size 20 “, 40″ and 45” according to ADR agreements. Our first concern during these transports is the strict observance of safety standards of goods and safety rules to third parties.

Our skilled drivers in combination with our long experience on ADR regulatory and safety standards ensure a reliable and safe general transport service and ontime delivery of ADR load to final destination.

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  • Greece
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ADR Transportation

In Agorianitis Transports SA company, we transport dangerous and hazardous load by road within Greece and in most European countries such as Italy, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and France. Our company owns special equipped vehicles capable of transporting dangerous goods (ADR transports).

Our skilled personnel in combination with decades of experience in the area of ADR transports give our company a competitive advantage over other transport companies.

Anytime you need ADR transport services, Agorianitis Transports SA company is here to help.

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